How to Start Blog

How to Start Blog in 2020 & Best Blogging Niche

Hello Friends In this Blog i have shown steps how you can start your blog in 2020 & also Best Niche for your Blog.

Good decision Let’s Start

I hope you know the benefits of Starting Blogging in 2020

Before starting in this blog you should have Domain name with you and Web-Hosting, or if you don’t have no problem in this blog i will be showing how to start first Blog for FREE on

How to Start Blog Step 1

To start your First Blog you should have GMAIL ID.

Great you have Gmail ID directly go to “How to Start Blog Step 2

Ohh, you don’t have Gmail ID, No Problem Let’s Start how to create Gmail ID


Open web Browser and goto and click on Create Account and select for myself or to manage my Business

How to Start Blog

Select the option For myself and fill the required details ( First Name, Last Name, Username and Password) and Click NEXT

Enter Name & User ID

Now fill the required details (Mobile Number [Optional], recovery email id [optional] ,Date of Birth [must be 18+], Gender) and click NEXT

Enter your Date of Birth

Now Scroll down and Click on I Agree

Agree to gmail Privacy and Terms

Congratulation, Now you have Gmail Id and now let’s start your Blogging Journey by creating your first Blog.

Congratulation Gmail ID Created

How to Start Blog Step 2

Now open new tab in Browser and goto and Set your Display Profile Name (this profile name is just for you not for public) and Click on Continue to Blogger

Enter your Blogger Profile Name

Now you will see below screen and click on Create Blog

Create your first Blog

Now you will see below Screen and Enter the required Information
Title: Enter the Blog title {you can change this anytime}
Address: Enter the url you need, recommended select the similar to niche {you can change this anytime}
Theme: you have to select the theme and theme is the way your Blog will be displayed. {you can change this anytime}
Click on Create Blog

Select theme for Blog

Congratulations your First Blog is created

Blog Created

How to Start Blog Step 3

Now let us understand the options available in Blog left hand side bar
POST: Post the option where you will create the Blog Articles.
STATS: Stats is the option where you will be able to see, monitor your blog traffic, traffic source etc.
Comments: where you will see and manage the comments on your published blogs
Earnings: where you can activate the google adsense account once your blog has good amount of traffic.
Pages: where you will create static pages like Contact us, about us etc.
Layout: where you will manage the layout of your Blog.
Theme: where you can change theme of your Blog.
Settings: where you will have full control on your Blog like change blog title, url, SEO settings, Linking to your own domain etc.

Once again Congratulation for your 1st successful Blog Creation on Blogger, stay tuned for next step in blogging.

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