Create your First Post on Blog

Create you First Post on Blogger

if you are new to our blog please go-through all the Blogs Step-by-Step in-order to succeed in Blogging.

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Congratulations that you are on next step where you will be creating your first post on Blogger.

In this Blog I have described all the option / feature on Post screen which can make your Blog Article look Professional and beautiful.

Let’s Start to create your First Port

Step 1 to Create First Post

Click on Posts option on the left side bar.

Now click on Create a New Post Button.

Create Post in Blogger

Step 2 to Create First Post

Now you will see the below screen with so many Option to use, don’t worry I will be explaining each option for you.

Post Screen in Blogger

Now let us start to understand the option from top one-by-one.

POST TITLE: Post title is the place where you have to write the Blog Title.

below the Post Title you will see Formatting Toolbar

COMPOSE: this option is by default selected so that you can easily write content on white black space.

HTML: This option only used by the people who have good knowledge of html coding to format the Blog article as per their need, But if you don’t know html coding so don’t worry without this also you can write great post.

UNDO: next option with arrow pointing towards left is undo, in case you done something and you don’t like or you don’t want that, if this case you can use this undo option.

REDO: next optio with arrow pointing towards right is redo, in case you removed something but you don’t want to remove that, in that case you can use this option.

FONT: Next option is Font means you can change the writing style of text.

FONT SIZE: next option is to change text size.

FORMAT: this option is use to define Heading, Subheading, Minor heading & Normal text.

Next you will be see the text formatting option like BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE, Change color of font etc.

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LINK: this option is used to provide link to text or image on blog, so that you can point to some other location.

IMAGE: this option is used to insert image in Blog.

VIDEO: this option is used to insert video in Blog.

after this text alignment, bullet points etc.

Now let us see the Very Important Option on right side bar

LABELS: this option is used to create TAGS for the Blog. (like Best Niche ideas, Blog Article writing Technics etc.)

SCHEDULE: this option is used to schedule your blog to publish on specific future date or time.

PERMALINK: this is the option where you can define the URL for your BLOG.

LOCATION: this option is used to define your targeted audience location.

OPTIONS: this option is used to set some permissions for Blog like Comments are allowed or disable etc.

Finally See the Option on top right side

PUBLISH: this option is used to publish your blog but when you are ready to publish (means if you publish it is open to public)

SAVE: this option can be used at any time during the writing of Blog to save your work.

PREVIEW: this option is used to see how your blog will look like after published.

CLOSE: this option is used to close the Post option and will take you back to main post Section.

Good luck and i hope you understood all the options available on post screen, if still have any query please do write in the comment section below.

we are happy to help you.

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