How to Download & Install Blogger Templates Customize Blogger Theme

Change Blogger theme to professional responsive theme can create trust in your visitor and they always wanted to come back to your Blog.

In this Blog i will be showing Step-by-Step how you can change your default Blogger theme to Responsive Professional Looking theme.

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Let’s Start Changing Blogger Theme

Before Changing the Blogger theme you should have responsive theme with you, which you can download from here.

1 Download Template

1 Click on above Download Button and download ZIP file.
2 Unzip the downloaded file and look for “Ember Blogger Template [Colorlib].xml

2 Installing the Template

  1. Now login to Blogger and Click on theme option on left sidebar.
  2. Now Click on Backup/Restore option at the top right side.
Blogger Template Install

3. Now Click on Browse Button and select the Extracted template.
4. Now Click on Upload Button.

Upload Blogger Template

Congratulation you have successfully changed your theme.

  1. Now go-to Layout option.
  2. Now look for Blog Header and click on Edit
Blogger Logo Change

3. Now Click on Browse and select the logo you wish to upload.
4. Now you can select the options you want as you required.

Blogger Logo Change Settings

5. Now Click on Save and you done with logo.

4 Setting up Post Slider for Blog.

  1. in the Layout tag look for ” Featured Slider Widget ” and Click on the “Edit” Option.
  2. In the Content area change the level name as your required.

<object class=”emberslider” data-label=”LABEL NAME” data-count=”Number of Posts” ></object>

3. Now Click on Save and use same Label Name in your post to display.

5 Setting up Main Menu

  1. In the Layout tab, Look for Main Navigation Menu
  2. In front of New Site Name Enter your Display Menu Name
Main menu creation in blogger

3. In Front of New Site URL enter your link
4. Now Click on Add Link
5. if you want to Add sub-menu/ Drop-down option enter the (underscore) _ before write the New Site Name
6. Now Click on Save.

6 Setting up Top Banner Ad

  1. In the Layout option Look for Ads Section and click on Edit Option
  2. Now Copy and Paste the Ad code from Ad Network.
  3. Now Click on Save.
Ad Banner in Blogger

7 Setting up Author Description

  1. In the Layout tab look for Author Description
  2. Click on Edit & Write the Author Description.
  3. Click on Save.
Blogger Author Description

8 Setting up Author Social Links

  1. In the Layout tab look for Author Social Links
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Enter the Social plat form name in from of NEW SITE NAME
  4. Enter the Social Link in front of NEW SITE URL
  5. Click on the Save
Blogger Author Social Links

Congratulations you have successfully customized your Blogger Template.

Still if you have anything Watch the Video given in the Blog.

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